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Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons

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Young Driver Insurance

- Just passed your driving test? - Get help researching new driver insurance
Insurance can be a tricky thing to navigate and as will all things for learner drivers and new drivers there is a lot to consider.

First things first, you must have insurance it is a criminal offence to drive without insurance. Learner driver who are driving with a qualified driving instructor don`t need insurance whilst their learning as they are covered by their instructors policy. However, if you are learning in your own car you must have provisional insurance.

The type of car you are insuring is going to be the biggest factor when it comes to the pricing of your insurance. Cars with big engines and lots of power are going to have much higher insurances rates than those with smaller engines as they are much safer for new drivers. So you must consider insurance prices when purchasing your car.

Finding the right insurance for you

There are a few of types of insurance available, third party fire and theft and comprehensive car insurance are the most popular. Third party fire and theft will cover damage to your car caused by fire or theft. It will also cover any damage to another person`s property caused by your car. Comprehensive car insurance is the most extensive policy available, it covers the following; injury to people and damage to their vehicles, damage your vehicle including fire and theft, medical expenses and accidental damage, damage or theft to the contents of the vehicle.

A good way to go about looking for insurance is to use a comparison website. This way you only have to enter in your details once to retrieve a number of quotes from different insurers. Each quote will advise you on what is covered with their insurance policy.

As a new driver you could opt for being added onto someone else`s insurance if you are sharing the car with a family member. However this is not for full time use of the car, you must not be the person who drives the care most frequently as this known as `fronting` and can invalidate your insurance.

Lowering insurance costs

Insurance for young drivers is costly and we understand that you may want to lower these costs, here are a few ways that you can do so.

Paying more excess - this is an agreement with your insurer that should you need to make a claim your will pay a certain amount towards the costs. This can bring down the price of your insurance but only do this is you have the money to hand at all times, for example a savings account.

Black boxes - Black boxes are really popular with new drivers. They are fitted into your car and track your driving. Black boxes can track things like speed, braking, length of usage and time of usage. Some boxes put restrictions in place such as no driving between the hours of 11pm and 6am which if adhered to will lower your premium. Black boxes will monitor your driving and if you are found to be driving erratically or at excessive speeds your premium may go up or your policy could even be cancelled. The boxes are aimed to increase the safety of new drivers.

Another way of lowering your premium is adding an additional driver onto your policy, whilst you remain as the named driver. Having someone experienced with a clean licence and limited claims can lower your premium however, having someone inexperienced with points will increase it.

Paying for your insurance

You can either pay out one lump sum for 12 months of cover, or you can pay in monthly instalments. Paying in monthly instalments tends to be more popular as it is more practical however the overall amount will be slightly more expensive than a one of lump payment.
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