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Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons

Cost Per Lesson: £20

Intensive Driving Courses

- Want to learn to drive quickly?
There are a number of ways you can learn to drive, each have the same desired outcome:
  • Weekly lessons
  • Crash courses
  • Intensive driving courses

What are intensive driving courses?

Intensive driving courses are a quicker way to learn how to drive as all of your learning in compacted into one week. Throughout the week it is likely that you will learn both the practical and theoretical side to driving. Different companies and driving schools offer different courses. Some will offer a number of hours which can range from five to fifty hours of intensive learning. Other companies and schools will over an intense week long course where you will receive roughly six hours of teaching per day for one week. In addition some courses include you theory and practical driving test and others just included your practical driving test therefore it is highly recommended that you shop around when looking at intensive driving courses. Similarly with the traditional, weekly lessons, you should get the opportunity to learn in a manual or an automatic car. However, driving schools who offer intensive driving courses are not as common as independent driving instructor and may not be located close to you, so you may have to travel to the driving school. In addition to this, you may find you have less choice of driving instructor and the make of car.

What is the difference between intensive driving courses and crash courses?

Intensive driving courses and crash courses are very similar ways of learning to drive, both offer a bulk of learning condensed into a short amount of time. Intensive courses are usually one week long with full days of learning whereas crash courses are usually a bulk of `hours` completed over a week or two. Not all crash courses offer the practical and theory tests included in their deals whereas most intensive driving courses do. This is definitely something to check out when shopping around for courses.

Why do people choose to do intensive driving courses?

It is recommended that learner drivers complete a minimum of thirty hours before going for this test, by learning to drive using the traditional weekly lessons it could take you six months or longer to pass your test. By completing an intensive driving course you could have passed your test within a week of learning to drive. Ideal for those in a hurry to get on the road whilst still gaining the necessary knowledge. By learning in a short period of time, you waste no time recapping what you learnt in the previous lesson as it is still so fresh in your mind whereas with weekly lessons its likely you will need to go over maneuvers or junctions again because you have forgotten from last time. Prices of intensive driving courses can seem very high and may put people off but if you shop around it is likely you could find a course that is cheaper than the overall cost of paying for weekly lessons, your theory test and your practical test.

The way in which you choose to learn how to drive is completely up to you and what you feel will best suit your needs. Intensive driving courses aren`t for everyone and the thought of spending six hours per day in a car can be daunting. The main thing is you choose a way which suits your learning style, your budget and of course your lifestyle. It is not always easy to commit a week of your life to something so, if you do go for an intensive course make sure you have got the week free!
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