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Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons

Cost Per Lesson: £20

Female Driving Instructors

- Find a lady driving instructor for your lessons
Men make up a large proportion of all driving instructors in the UK, however, this does not mean you cannot learn to drive with a female instructor. Who you learn to drive with is completely your choice.Female driving instructors can be found up and down the country, as independent driving instructors or with some driving schools specialising with only female teachers.

Men and women alike, choose to learn to drive with a female driving instructor for all sorts of reasons, whether it be personal, cultural or perhaps they just feel more comfortable in the company of a female. The most important thing about learning to drive is doing so in a way that works best for you. All qualified driving instructors have different attitudes and approaches to driving no matter whether they are male or female. The age old stereotype 'women can`t drive' has been long dis-proven, gender does not affect someone`s ability to drive.


In previous years car insurance prices have been significantly lower for female drivers, especially younger drivers. This was based on the statistics of women making less claims and having fewer accidents. However, more recently, the European Court of Justice has ruled that insurance companies cannot take gender into consideration when producing insurance costs. This has meant women will now pay similar rates to male drivers, equalling the insurance prices over all.

With that said, there are many other factors that still affect your insurance rates. The price of your car will be reflected within your insurance, as well as the type of car you are driving and the size of its engine (how fast it can go). Insurance companies like to know what area you live in and where the car is kept overnight, cars kept in garages tend to have lower insurance as they are more secure. Security features are also taken into account and can reduce the cost of your insurance, as can black boxes. Black boxes are a fairly recent gadget used by insurance companies to measure your driving style and the usage of your car. They monitor things such as distance travelled, times and speeds of travel and braking. This is a particularly good option for new drivers to reduce insurance costs.

Choosing your instructor

Along with the gender of your driving instructor there are a few more things to consider when choosing an instructor:
  • Price
  • Location
  • Type of car
  • Reviews from previous students
  • Pass rate

In order to hit the ground running with your learning, its best to get the best start. You can make sure of this by spending time choosing a driving instructor opposed to just picking the first one that pops up. Reading reviews from past students can give you a great idea of the instructors approach and style of teaching and if it will suit your needs. It can also give you an indication as to how long most students spent learning to drive with this instructor. Choosing an instructor who is located close to you tends to mean that you will know the area in which you are learning to drive well and can also reflect in prices as they are not having to travel far to get to you. Finally check out what car your instructor uses and if it is manual or automatic as this is important when taking your test. If you learn and take your test in an automatic car you are not able to then go and drive a manual car. Your license will be for automatic vehicles only.
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