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Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons

Cost Per Lesson: £20

Driving Theory Tests

- Get help passing your theory test
In order to put in for and complete your practical driving test you must first complete the theory side of learning to drive. Theory is a really important aspect of learning to drive, by knowing the theory behind something you are able to understand more as to why you do it.

The theory test is made up of two tests that you must complete, a multiple choice test and a hazard perception test.

What to expect

The multiple choice test is made up of 50 questions, you must complete 43 of these questions correctly to pass the test. The question will appear on the screen with a selection of answers for you to choose from, some questions may require more than one answer. There are also case study questions incorporated into the test, these will give you a short story which you then need to answer five questions about the story.

You get 15 minutes of practice time before the test, this allows you to get used to the format of the questions and workings of the computer. Make sure you use this time fully so that you are prepared for the test. You then have 57 minutes to complete the multiple choice test.

Once you have completed the multiple choice test you will be offered a three minute break before starting the hazard perception test. We recommend you take the break to clear your head and prepare yourself for the next test.

The hazard perception test is designed to test your ability of noticing a hazard or potential hazard. A hazard is something that will make you as a driver take action, this could be slowing down, stopping, changing direction etc. Hazards could include things like, pelican crossings, pedestrians, cyclists, cars approaching junctions etc.

The test is made up of fourteen, one minute video clips. The video clips are filmed from the driver`s perspective. Each clip has one developing hazard in it, other than one clip which will have two. You must click when you notice the hazard developing and will be marked out of five for each clip. The earlier you recognise and respond to a hazard the higher your mark.

The current cost of the theory test is £23.00.

How to prepare

There are loads of ways you can prepare for your theory test. Once you have booked in utilise online resources to practice and revise. The Highway Code is usually a great place to start as your whole test will be based around this.

Utilise time spent with your driving instructor, let them know you have put in for your test and ask them to incorporate some more theory into your lessons. You can do this with family members or friends too, especially those who already drive. You will need to know the road signs so ask people to test you on them when you are out and about.

You will need to have your provisional driving license with you when you go to your test as this will prove your identity. Make sure you remember this as your test will not go ahead without it and you will not be refunded.

How to book

You can book your test online through the government DVSA website, you will need your provisional licence number and an email address to this. If you don`t have an email address you can call and book over the phone.

Top tips to passing your test

  • Read each question fully
  • Flag any questions you are unsure of and come back to them at the end
  • Revise for you tests
  • Complete mocks tests before the real thing
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