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Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons

Cost Per Lesson: £20

Driving Instructors Near Me

- Find a local driving instructror
When looking for a driving instructor who meets your needs there a few things to consider:
  • Male or female instructor
  • Location of instructor
  • Make and model of car
  • Automatic or manual car
  • Price
  • Pass rate
  • Weekly lessons or an intensive course

FindYourInstructor can assist you with finding an instructor who is right for you. By choosing an instructor who best meets your needs can give you the best chance of learning at your pace and preparing you to take that all important practical driving test. If you are not enjoying your lessons and don`t feel comfortable with you instructor it may be worth looking for a new one, as this is a service you are paying for.


Finding an instructor who is close to where you live means you are going benefit from the knowledge of your local area, both yourself and your instructor will know what to expect from the roads and traffic systems around you, this means no unexpected surprises. Some test centres have better pass rates than others, and some driving instructors prepare you for your test at a certain test centre. By choosing an instructor who knows the test centre you are planning to take your test at gives you a better chance of passing first time whilst safely learning how to drive. Finding a driving instructor who is located close to where you live means they use less fuel getting to you, this can means your lessons could be cheaper than choosing an instructor who is not located close to you.

Reliability and reviews

Find and instructor who has a good pass rate, is reliable and has good reviews. There`s nothing worse than planning your lessons into your busy schedule for your driving instructor to cancel last minute or constantly rearrange. By finding a reliable instructor you won`t have to worry about your learning taking longer than necessary because of missed of cancelled lessons. Check out how reliable your instructor is by checking out their reviews from previous students. This will give you an indication as to how reliable they are and how other students learning experiences are. Finding an instructor who has a high pass rate can indicate how likely you are to pass first time, this obviously relates to your level of driving also, so don`t book your test until you feel you are 100% ready.

Manual or automatic

Deciding if you would like to learn in an automatic car or a manual car is completely up to. Different instructors teach in different cars therefore you need to consider this when finding an instructor near you. The main thing to consider when making this decision is that if you choose to learn in an automatic car, your test will also be in an automatic car. If you pass your test in an automatic vehicle this means you will only be able to drive automatic cars going forward. Prices between automatic and manual cars vary therefore you should take a look if automatic cars fit your budget. Insurance costs between manual and automatic cars can also differ as automatic cars tend to be more costly to repair which can be reflected in the price of your insurance. If you learn in a manual car and pass your test in a manual car your license allows you to drive either manual or automatic cars, this gives you more choice in the future. Most young drivers tend to find instructors with manual cars as it makes choosing a car within your budget easier and can bring down insurance costs.
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