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Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons

Cost Per Lesson: £20

Disabled Driving Lessons

- Help In Learning To Drive If You Are Disabled
Finding a driving instructor who meets your needs is the first and foremost part of learning to drive. All good driving instructors are proficient in teaching most learner drivers however, if you consider yourself to have disabilities it may be worth considering a driving instructor who specialises in teaching learners with additional needs. Specialised disability driving instructors will have more knowledge, understanding and ability to provide you with a good learning experience.

Disability driving instructors will have access to adapted vehicles that will suit the needs of their learner drivers more. For example automatic transmission cars with adapted controls. Disability should not be a barrier to your learning and specialised companies or driving schools will cater to your needs. You may not require an adapted car to suit your needs, however, experienced disability instructors may still suit you best if you have hearing issues or communication difficulties.

Disability driving instructors can be found up and down the country and work in the same way other driving instructors do, in addition there are some charitable grants that you can apply for that may entitle you to funded driving lessons or partially funding driving lessons if you meet their set out criteria.

Driving and access assessments

If you are unsure about your options when it comes to learning to drive it is recommended you seek guidance from a driving mobility assessment centre before you apply for your provisional and start having lessons, this way you can gain a professional view on your ability and potential. Driving assessments and access assessments are two ways of deciphering your needs and abilities when it comes driving and choosing a car. The assessment would determine if you are able to drive a manual car or if you would need adaptations. These assessments are for all drivers who have disabilities, additional needs and also older drivers.

The assessment will also be useful when thinking about purchasing a car as it will give you an idea of what sort of car you will need. Many companies also offer lease deals on mobility cars dependant on things like Personal Independence Payments and Disability living Allowance. Do remember though, if you pass your test in an automatic car your license does not allow for you to drive a manual car.

Theory and practical tests

All learner drivers must complete the theory test before going for their practical driving test. The theory test is a multiple choice test that`s tests your knowledge of the highway code you will need to score at least 43 marks out of 50 to pass the test.As well as the multiple choice test you will need to complete the hazard perception section, this tests your ability to identify hazards on the road, such as pedestrians waiting to cross or children playing behind parked cars.

Similarly to when taking tests and exams at school, if you have additional needs you can request for additional support, such as extra time, an audio given test or a one to one reader and recorder who will read the test and record your given answers. In exceptional circumstances, it can be arranged for Oral Language Modification be used for your test, this is dependent on a person`s needs and allows the reader to re-word the question and explain some terms. To apply for any of the additional support services you must provide proof of your disability or learning needs, this can be a letter from a GP or specialist advising of your diagnosis. There are no additional support needs available for the hazard perception test.

Some additional things to consider when looking for your driving instructor are:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Male or female instructor
  • Pass rate
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