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Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons

Cost Per Lesson: £20

Crash Driving Courses

- Learn to drive fast and safely
Learning to drive can seem like lengthy and expensive challenge, the recommended amount of time spent learning for a learner driver is 30 hours which means if you are having an hours lesson per week you could spend six months learning to drive.

There are a few ways of approaching learning to drive, with different options for you to choose from depending on your needs and budget.

  • Weekly/bi-weekly lessons
  • Intensive courses
  • Crash courses

What are crash courses?

Crash courses are a block of driving lessons that you usually book with a driving school or crash course company. Most crash course companies or schools offer different types of crash courses ranging from five hour courses to fifty hour courses. Shorter courses are usually aimed for learner drivers who have had a break from learning and need a refresher before going for their test or for drivers who have passed their test but haven`t driven for a while. The longer courses are aimed at learner drivers who have little to no experience and wish to complete there lessons in a bulk course, with the aim of learning to drive and completing their test over a shorter period of time whilst still gaining the knowledge and skills of the more traditional way of learning to drive. Crash courses are quick and efficient ways of learning to drive.

What are the differences between crash courses and intensive courses?

Crash courses in driving are very similar to intensive driving courses. Intensive driving courses tend to offer inclusive week long deals consisting of theory and practical teaching with both tests included opposed to the bulk of lessons you get with crash courses. Intensive courses can be more expensive, purely because of the amount included in the package. If you are looking at intensive driving courses, be sure to shop around as some companies offer free lessons if you fail your test. Crash courses can be less intense than intensive courses as you don`t have to compact all of your learning into one week.

Weekly lessons

If the thought of spending hours on end perfecting your driving skills does not appeal to you, there is always the traditional way of leaning. FindYourInstructor and complete one or two hour lessons once or twice a week and build up your knowledge over a period of time. All methods have pro`s and con`s however the most important thing is learning to drive in a way that feel comfortable for you.

Why people choose to do crash courses?

When learner drivers use the traditional, weekly lessons method of learning to drive a lot of time can be spent re capping skills from previous lessons due to the time between each lesson; especially if lessons are missed for whatever reason. By taking a crash course in driving, you complete a chosen amount of learning hours within a matter of a week or two meaning no time is spent recapping something as you won`t get chance to forget it, just chance to perfect it. Many companies advertise crash courses as `pass within a week`. Learning to drive with weekly lessons can mean spending months sometimes years having lessons, therefore crash courses can offer a quicker and sometimes cheaper alternative. In addition, booking your test can be a lengthy process as test centres can have very long waiting lists, booking a crash course means your test will be competed much quicker. Remember you can`t pass your practical driving test until you have passed your theory test so make sure you check that is something your course offers and if not book it yourself before going for your test.
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