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Driving Lessons

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Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons

Cost Per Lesson: £20

Cheap Driving Lessons / Low Cost Lessons

- Find Affordable Driving Instructors
Learning to drive can be an expensive process, not only lessons but paying for your theory and practical driving tests and eventually the cost of running and insuring a car. This should not however, be a deterrent to learn to drive and the financial side of learning to drive can be manageable, achievable and a smart approach not as expensive as it may seem.

First things first, cheap driving lessons. Cheap driving lessons exist and with a bit of shopping around you should be able to find lessons to match your budget. There a few ways you can reduce the costs of driving lessons.
  • Block booking
  • Intensive driving courses
  • Learning with family or friends

Block booking lessons

This is something most driving instructors and schools offer to make driving lessons cheaper. The average driving lesson costs between £20 and £25 per hour. By block booking a large number of lessons at once you can reduce the costs to as low as £10 pounds an hour, dependent on the deal on offer. There are more benefits than cost saving with block booking lessons, they keep you on track of your learning, motivated to continue your learning knowing your lessons is already booked.

Intensive driving courses

With a single one off payment, intensive courses can seem like a lot of money. However, they can be very cost efficient. Intensive courses are an alternative way to learn to drive, you complete the course over a period of a week or two. Completing a number of hours of learning per day and taking your test at the end of the course. This is a quick and efficient way to learn to drive. Sometimes when learning to drive with hourly lessons once a week, it is easy to forget what you`ve learnt between lessons and even skip lessons therefore you could end up repeating lessons and thus paying for more lessons. In addition some courses include your theory and practical driving test so make sure you look for this when shopping around.

Learning with family or friends

Learning with a family member such as a parent or even a friend can be a great way of reducing the cost of learning to drive. However, it is a big ask so you must make sure the person is willing and able to teach you. Any person over the age of 21 who has held their driving license for three years or more is allowed to teach a learner driver. A very important thing to add is that you must have provisional insurance, dependant on the company this can be relatively cheap. Whilst you can get a lot of learning done with a family member or friend, unless they are a qualified instructor we would suggest that it may be beneficial to have a few lessons with a qualified instructor before taking your test.

Once you have passed your test and you are ready to buy and insure a car of your own there are a few options to choose from can make things cheaper. For instance, a black box. Black boxes are extremely popular with younger or newly passed drivers. Black boxes are fitted into your car by your insurer and are used to monitor driving. Dependant of the safety of your driving, your insurance costs can be lowered. Another option for new drivers is to add an additional driver onto your policy. This driver should be a parent or friend who can also use your car, they must be an experienced driver with a clean licence to have any impact in reducing your insurance costs.
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