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Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons

Cost Per Lesson: £20

Block Booking Driving Lessons

- Save Money & Pass Your Test Quicker
Learning to drive is a personal experience, we all learn in different ways. So for some it may take longer for others it might be a fairly quick process but on average most learners complete between 30-40 hours of driving tuition before they are ready to take their test.

There is a number of ways you can go about completing your driving lessons, again it`s a personal choice. The most traditional way of learning to drive is completing weekly hour lessons with your instructor, in more recent years more options have become available, such as crash courses and intensive courses.

Most driving schools and individual instructors will give you the option of block booking lessons. Block booking lessons have a lot of benefits.
  • Money saving
  • Keeping you on track with your learning
  • Motivation to keep learning

Money saving

Block booking lessons can be a great way to save some money when learning to drive, as we all know it is not a particularly cheap process. Driving instructors and schools often offer a discounted price for block booked sessions and the more you book the more you save. You can usually book blocks of ten, twenty, thirty or forty hours of lessons. Hourly driving lessons rates average at about £20, block booking can reduce hourly rates to as little as £10 and hour; that`s a great saving!

Keeping you on track with your learning

Learning to drive is a commitment, and it can be hard to keep on track with your lessons when a busy life can get in the way. By having a number of lessons already booked means you can plan ahead for them. You can also keep on track of how many hours of learning you have done. Many people who book one lesson at a time can leave it weeks before having the next one and miss out on valuable learning time and forget things in between. By having regular booked lessons you are more likely to be consistent with your learning which saves you having to go over things you have already learnt previously.

Motivation to keep learning

Learning to drive isn`t always easy and can be quite stressful, as with learning anything in life. If you know you already have twenty lessons paid for and booked you are less likely to skip weeks or give up when things become tough.

An hours lesson can go pretty quick, most instructors will also do two hour driving lessons. Two hour lessons can be really useful if you are struggling with a manoeuvre as you will not feel rushed. You also get the opportunity to go further in your lessons and challenge yourself with unfamiliar roads. Two hour lessons can be great running up to your test so you can get some serious practice in or even complete mock tests. Double check with your instructor that this is something they offer.

As discussed, block booking lessons has some great benefits. However, we would recommend that you don`t dive in at the deep end. It is best to complete a few hours of lessons before block booking to ensure that you are happy with your chosen driving instructor. Each driving instructor will have a different teaching style so you need to make sure it works well with your learning style.
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