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Driving Lessons
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Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons
Driving Lessons

Cost Per Lesson: £20

Advanced Driving Lessons

- Become A Safer, More Confident Driver
So what is advanced driving? Many people often mistake advanced driving as the same as the pass plus however whilst they are similar they have different outcomes. Pass plus focuses on six select areas of driving that aren`t heavily focused on during regular lessons to help you widen your driving experience and thus assist in further learning. Advanced driving is about helping drivers achieve the highest level of skills in civilian driving to redeem a number of benefits.

The benefits of advanced driving are as follows:

  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Improved vehicle usage
  • Improved road safety

What Are The Skills?

Advanced driving teaches drivers to drive in a much more methodical and thoughtful way. The lessons concentrate on refining driver skills so that they are able to control the speed and position of their vehicle, systematically and smoothly. The driver will have the ability to this at all times during all driving conditions.

About The Course

Each course differs however most commonly the course is between three and six months long, you will have sessions with your instructor which will last a few hours each time. Each session tends to focus on refining one skills so that you can become an all-round and competent advanced driver. You will be provided with written and verbal feedback from your instructor, you can then practice on the skills in your own time.

The courses tend to be run through a number of independent companies that are not your usual driving schools. The cost price can vary so it worth comparing different companies to make sure you get good value for money. Following the course you will complete and advanced driving test which is scored bronze, silver and gold. Gold being the highest. As with driving tests the advanced test fee is separate to the fee of the course.

Why Complete An Advanced Driving Course?

As above mentioned, increasing your skill level has huge benefits that will last throughout your lifetime as a driver. By having better control of your vehicle, being at the right speed and in the right gear at all times you can dramatically improve your fuel consumption. As with all things, utilising your car and driving it to the best of your ability will reduce damage, wear and tear on your vehicle. An example of this is the clutch, often replaced far more often than necessary due to bad driving. Advanced drivers are much more observant and have heightened levels of hazard perception this can really improve road safety and reduce the likelihood of the driver being involved in an accident.

By passing the advanced driving course, you will achieve the highest level of driving for a civilian, it will also stand out on your CV in you drive for a living.

Advanced driving is the highest level of civilian standard driving achievable, if you are looking to enhance your skills but feel that advanced learning is a step to high for you, the pass plus is also a great way to gain more driving experience and knowledge. The pass plus is a driving course which takes approximately six hours, the course concentrates on the following driving scenarios:
  • Night time driving
  • All weather driving
  • Dual carriageway driving
  • In town driving
  • Rural road driving
  • Motorway driving

The pass plus is aimed at new drivers who want to learn more and enhance their confidence on the road, it uses a combination of practical and theoretical teaching to cover the above areas. If there is a specific area you feel you need more support with you can discuss this and focus your lessons around it more.

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